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Travel Policy and Fees

We travel all over the state of Colorado and are happy to go wherever the wind takes us!  We have a complimentary radius of 20 miles from two ports and add $2.00 per mile outside of that complimentary radius. For Parties outside of that radius, we have a 45 minute party minimum.


We have 2 'home bases' and calculate fees from those spots. 

Our Home Bases are located at:


The Colorado State Capital Building

200 E. Colfax Avenue. Denver, Co. 80203 


Falcon Field at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs at 

2169 Field House Drive, U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80840

To see if you are outside of our complimentary radius, Click on the address links above and click on "Directions" arrow in the Google Maps page with will open in a new page.  Type in the address in which your event will take place and see how many miles your event is from our port. 

Subtract 25 miles from the total distance and multiply by $1.50

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