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Royally Enchanted's Priority Will Call List


What is the "Priority Will Call List?


Royally Enchanted has been making magical memories with families and communities since 2015. Through the years and with thousands of bookings, we have NEVER canceled a booking. How? Because we confirm our professional performers availability BEFORE TAKING YOUR MONEY!


Many of our performers are teachers, professional film and stage actors, as well as students enrolled in some of the most esteemed theatre programs in the country. With that in mind, many of our performers availability can only be solidified 4-6 weeks in advance. In addition, a number of our characters must be portrayed by performers of a particular ethnicity or with a specific skill set. And, though we have an extensive cast, we often only have 1 or 2 actors that can accurately portray specific roles.


With that in mind, we have initiated a 'Priority Will Call List". If your event is outside of our performers CONFIRMED availability, you will be placed at the top of the list to secure that performer for your event. The moment that our actor has given us his availability, you will be contacted to secure your event. By putting these safeguards in place, we can confidently provide character entertainment for your event. We have never canceled on a client, and we never intend to do so.


We routinely check in with our 'Will Call' Clients and can generally confirm your event 4-6 weeks prior to your event.


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