Has Coronavirus Poo-Poohed your Party? Have No Fear- Royally Enchanted is here!

After receiving a flood of calls, emails and messages from frantic families,  scrambling to make alternate plans due to the current public health concerns, we want to share a little more about how Royally Enchanted can save the day, and offer a low-risk alternative celebration that will ensure your child’s special day isn’t ruined by an outbreak. 

Q:  "Help! Following the most up-to-date recommendations by medical experts,  we are changing our child’s birthday party plans, and instead of a having the event at a public venue, we are doing a small gathering with close friends and family. My child is bummed because of the change. I have no idea how to make the celebration just as magical and memorable as our original plans, and I was told by a close friend to contact Royally Enchanted because she said you can help! Are you able to save our child’s party and help us to offer a safe and special experience ?" 


A: “Thanks so much for reaching out to us and allowing Royally Enchanted to be a part of your child’s celebration! We have no doubt that your “plan B party” will be even better than your event at the public venue! 

As your friend probably shared, we are the highest rated provider of princesses, superheroes,  mascots and other characters in the region! While many know about our externally talented cast, and our record of excellence, what many don’t realize is behind the scenes, we employ leaders in the fields of early childhood development, education, and pediatric health. Combined with our extensive musical theater and performing background, we owe our success to the years of education, and experience that build the foundation of our company." 

Ripped straight from the pages of fairytale and folklore, all of our characters are public domain but based on renderings that every princess will recognize.  Royally Enchanted Entertainment respects the copyrights of all other professional entities. If you require specific, copyrighted material, please contact the proper entity directly.  Thank you.  

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