Has Coronavirus Poo-Poohed your Party? Have No Fear- Royally Enchanted is here!

After receiving a flood of calls, emails and messages from frantic families,  scrambling to make alternate plans due to the current public health concerns, we want to share a little more about how Royally Enchanted can save the day, and offer a low-risk alternative celebration that will ensure your child’s special day isn’t ruined by an outbreak. 

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Frequently asked questions

What are your credentials?

Our team at Royally Enchanted is blessed to have a public health specialist, Allie Barns CPH, as a senior manager. In addition, because several of our cast members have children with special needs and life threatening meical conditions, health and safety has always been a major focus and well before the current pandemic, we have invested a great deal to ensure that our events are just as safe as they are special and memorable!

How are you cleaning items like costuming and party supplies?

Our rigorous decontamination process rivals even health care setting standards, and includes an scientifically proven in-depth disinfection of all costuming and party supplies after every use! Performers are no longer sent back-to-back from one party to another and to minimize the risk of spreading germs. We utilize the latest technology and hospital grade sanitation practices to clean and kill pathogens, even on hard to clean surfaces and materials like on our mascot suits, ballgowns, and professional costumes. Using state of the art UV light sanitation, we can clean costuming and party supplies in a way that others can’t! Our high heat- professional grade extractors and steamers allow us to sterilize all fabric, foam and porous materials without having to use dangerous chemicals and commercial cleaners. By monitoring the actual temperatures during our cleaning process and understanding the pusifoligy behind the spread of viruses, bacteria and pathogens we allow our clients to be reassured that their character is only bringing fun and magic to their party!

How are you training your staff in light of of the current pandemic?

Just as importantly, our staff has been trained by a RN with over a decade experience in both pediatrics and infectious disease. To ensure that our entire cast, in addition to being highly trained performers, dancers, and vocalists, are also educated and approved to implement advanced health and safety procedures. As a result, Royally Enchanted cast members frequently work with families who have special needs, and serious medical conditions. Rigorous hand washing protocol is strictly enforced and you won’t find another company in the state who does more to ensure the health and safety of Colorado families like yours! We treat each party as of it was for one of our own, and it would be a pleasure to save your celebration and make your child’s birthday the best party she’s ever had, free of outbreak worries and pandemic panic!

I have more questions. What do I do?

We do want to urge you to contact us ASAP, as many families are seeking out alternative plans. Because we are not engaging in back to back scheduling of characters at this time, to allow time for all of our safety and sanitation protocols to be implemented, spots are filling fast! Please don’t hesitate to visit us at Royally Enchanted.com today to see what we can offer, and when you’re ready to reserve your character, click on the “book now” page from the navigation menu to initiate the booking process!

Things keep changing. What are you doing now?

That's right, things are changing... constantly. We adhere to all state and federal guidelines when it comes to masking and social distancing. If your family and guests have masking and distancing requests, please let us know. It is our number one priority to ensure the health and saftey of your family, guests, and our performers. We want to make sure that you are comfortable and are happy to wear a mask, shield, and observe the saftey measures that are important to you.